“Kemeri” mud application

Mud application with peat mud. Mud is previously heated via a water bath to a temperature of 40-42°, and then it is applied to the body in layer of 3-10 cm by one of the methods of application:
local – application to a specific part of the body – € 35.00
partly – application to specific problem areas – € 45.00

general – application to the whole body except the head and the heart area – € 55.00
Recommended course – 10 treatments.

Full body wrap “Sapro“

Sapropelic mud wrap on “Zero gravity” water bed. Mud deposit “Sapro” is the second largest known Latvian therapeutic mud source. Mud form this area boosts the endogenous powers of the organism, fights diseases, eases deterioration rheumatoid conditions, and helps in the weight loss and body forming. Recommended course – 10 treatments.

“Saki” body wrap

Therapeutic mud wrap with mineralizing and detoxifying effect. The treatment is performed on “Zero gravity” water bed using a volcanic mud. Crimean mud deposit “Saki” is known since the 19th century and is famous for detoxifying and regenerating properties of the mud.

Mud wrap “Aroma dead sea”

Relaxing body wrap with mud from the Dead Sea on “Zero gravity” water bed. Dead Sea mud is widely known for its mineralized structure, curative qualities anti-fungal effect and the ability to reduce stress and muscle tension.

Mud wrap “Treasures of Ischia island”

Regenerating body wrap with mineral and volcanic mud on “Zero gravity” water bed. This mud is extracted from the volcano of Ischia island and is valuable for its detoxifying and regenerating qualities.

Ozocerite application

Tissue repairing treatment. Ozocerite is a wax-like mineral. Main therapeutic quality of ozocerite therapy is the heat, that affects application area’s tissues, thus, improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces inflammation, pain and cramps, and promotes the regeneration of tissues. The active substance is applied on the chosen area and the cost varies from 8 Eur to 24 Eur

Therapeutic blue clay wrap with additives (shungite, ginseng, algae)

Mineral body wrap based on blue clay, shungite, juniper oil, Siberian fir oil, menthol + extract from Cambrian blue clay.

The program facilitates weight loss, elimination of localized fat deposits and correction of problematic areas of the body. It brings obvious anti-cellulite, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. As a result, the program activates microcirculation and a metabolic process in tissues, promotes tissue regeneration, and detoxifies. Skin becomes saturated with essential minerals and microcells that contribute to its rejuvenation and health.

During the procedure specialist applies anti-cellulite gel. Active anti-cellulite gel – an extract from the Cambrian blue clay – is a colorless solution saturated with minerals and microcells of blue clay. For more effect – procedure ir provided on the warm water bed and problematic zones are wrapped into the film.

Recommended course – 10 treatments.