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Buffet lunches

Buffet menu

25.00 EUR 1 person
Offer is valid for groups starting from 30 persons 

Salad bar
Salad mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red radishes, carrots, celery, corn, boiled beetroot, hard boiled eggs, Feta cheese, bell pepper, chopped parsley, red onions, marinated pearl onions, olives, sunflower seeds, croutons.
Selection of olive oils, vinegars and Balsamic dressings, Tzatziki sauce

Salad (please choose 2)
Salad with smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes in lemon sauce
Salad with tuna in oil, olives and cherry tomatoes
Salad with shrimps and avocado
Salad with duck “Confit”, nuts and glazed apples
Romaine salad with crispy bacon and chicken breast
Tomato and mini-mozzarella salad with rucola and pesto
Salad with fresh spinach, tomatoes and marinated cheese
Salad with grilled and marinated vegetables
Chickpea salad with fresh vegetables

Soup of the day

Fish dishes (please choose 1)
Skewer of salmon and tiger prawn in white wine sauce
Pike Perch fillet fried in butter with “Meunière” sauce
Cod fillet with creamy spinach sauce
Grilled salmon fillet with “Béarnaise” sauce
Salmon and pike-perch fish cakes with anchovies and caper sauce

Vegetarian dishes (please choose 1)
Vegetarian lasagna
“Quiche Lorraine” with vegetables
Vegetarian pilaf with vegetables and dried fruit

Meat dishes (please choose 1)
Chicken roulette with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes in cheese sauce
Chicken fricassee with mushrooms and vegetables
Herb-marinated chicken breast with mustard sauce
Chicken skewers Marinated in Pesto
Pan-roasted pork tenderloin with “BBQ” sauce
Pork roast with mushroom sauce
Roast beef with green pepper sauce

Side dishes (please choose 2)
Boiled potatoes with butter and rosemary
Oven baked potatoes with rosemary
Creamy potato puree
Grilled season vegetables
Vegetable ratatouille in tomato sauce
Rice with vegetables
Fried rice with sun dried tomatoes

Dessert (please choose 2)
Lemon meringue cake
Chocolate cake with cherry filling
Chocolate cake with cappuccino cream
Raspberry and yogurt cake
Strawberry cheese cake
Layered napoleon cake
Fresh fruit salad

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