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Banquet menus

Banquet menu

45.00 € / 1 person

Fish appetizers
Tiger prawns tempura with mango sauce
Buckweat pancakes with Salmon “Gravlax” with berry and mustard sauce
Pick-perch roulade with tiger prawns and spinach
Baltic herring on potato puree with herbs, boiled egg, crème fresh and red onion salsa

Meat appetizers
Roast pork with apple and cranberry sauce
Roast beef rolls with celery root and snow peas salad
Chicken roulade with mushrooms, cream cheese & lime sauce
Lamb tongue aspic with horseradish foam

Vegetarian appetizers
Salted and pickled vegetables (cucumbers, tomato, mushrooms, cabbage, garlic)
Grilled aubergines with goat cheese and tomato salsa

Salad with seared tuna fillet, haricot beans and cherry tomatoes
Smoked chicken and potatoes salad

Main course

Meat course
„Iberico” pork carre with herbed potato puree, „Haricot” beans and rich demi glace sauce

Fish course
Dorado fillets with “Salsa Verde”, seared green asparagus and sautéed vegetables

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Galá Dinner menu

4 course -55 €
5 course -65 €

Cold Appetizer (1 to choose)

Duck breast salad with raspberry and figs dressing
Salmon ‘’Gravlax’’ and seared tuna fish duet with mustard and ginger sauce, quinoa and rye bread croutons
Slow roasted veal with crispy fried mozzarella and tuna/caper cream
Octopus salad with mango salsa, chilly lime dressing

Warm apetizer (1 to choose)

Butter fried sea scallops with green pea mousse and creamy cauliflower sauce
„Achatina” snail and mushroom ragout with „Amandine” potato puree
Creamy black salsify soup with venison dumplings

Fish course (1 to choose)

Wild Mediterranean sea bass with pine nuts, tomatoes concassé and sautéed fennel shavings
Monkfish medallions with tiger prawn, vegetable julienne and orange-mustard sauce
Fillet of Atlantic Halibut with saffron sauce, green peas and sautéed vegetable pearls

Meat course (1 to choose)

Beef Wellington with Parma ham, mushrooms, rich red-wine sauce
Slow roasted beef tenderloin with caramelized baby vegetables, creamy green pepper sauce
Grilled duck breast with celery puree, caramelized black salsify, Shimeji mushrooms, raisin sauce

Dessert (1 to choose)

White chocolate cheesecake with lime and raspberries
Crème Brûlée with tonka bean ice-cream
Chocolate cake with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream


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